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Three key benefits outsourced packaging can bring to your business

Monday, 27th November 2017

Finding new ways to reward your employees can be a challenge. Whilst salary increases might seem like a good idea, they are often not sustainable, and frequently act as a short-term fix for employee motivation.

As a decision maker in the business, it’s important you drive employee satisfaction. To do that you need to give your team access to incentives that they will find rewarding.

Even though salary packaging isn’t necessarily an innovative idea, many are unaware of the real benefits that come from outsource packaging options. By outsourcing your business’s packaging you are adding value to your employees – without costing you a cent!

What is outsource packaging and how does it work? Outsource packaging is when a business, like yours, contracts out an employee’s salary in order to provide them with more value and savings.

A salary packaging company, like LeaseMasters, deducts from the employee’s salary (pre-tax) through payroll. Because the money is being deducted before tax, you are potentially saving your employees thousands on their vehicle each year! Best of all, LeaseMasters does all the grunt work for you. All you need to do is make the adjustments to your current payroll system.

What are the benefits?

1. Outsource packaging with zero mistakes As the salary packaging provider, we ensure everything is done accurately and efficiently the first time — and every time after that.

Your employees will also be assigned their own Novated Lease specialist who will contact them to discuss benefits and products, as well as to do settlements. This means your team will have support throughout their entire lease.

2. No Fringe Benefits Tax headaches At the end of the financial year, we do all of your FBT-related tax reporting. All you have to do is simply wait for the email to arrive and submit this to the ATO! This means when you outsource your packaging you can spend more time driving business initiative goals, and rest assured that the tax-related paperwork is out of your hands.

3. Easy to understand information for you and your employees By using a specialised salary packaging company, all the complicated questions your employees may ask are being answered in an easy-to-understand way — taking the burden off you.

This ensures a larger uptake and higher understanding of the value that outsource packaging brings. It also means more money in your teams’ pockets, and happy employees.

How can I offer a Novated Lease to my employees? If you’d like to reward your employees and positively enhance your business, or would simply like to talk through how a Novated Lease works, give LeaseMasters a call directly on 1300 303 357.

LeaseMasters has worked with hundreds of companies just like yours, helping them to reward their employees by giving them the pay rise they deserve.
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